About Us

START is ready to help you acquire the tools to overcome any challenges to your future. Feel free to contact us anytime to achieve new milestones.

Our Mission

To serve, inspire & empower communities by connecting & delivering invaluable resources that will bring about positive change to our citizens through mentoring programs, scholastic opportunities, health & wellness, and public development.

Our Vision

The fabric of our society is made up of the citizens contained herein… therefore as citizens when we equip ourselves with the best tools and information we give ourselves the ability to seize every opportunity to produce the very best society.

– Eric Pettway

Services & Assistance Provided Through START

• Education and related tuition fees
• Training and Program Supplies
• Transportation
• Housing
• Clothing (Dress2Success)
• Graduation cap and gown fees
• Financial aid guidance
• Tax assistance
• SAT/ACT preparation
• One on one mentoring
• Scholarship research


Students are first assessed and then referred to community partners for assistance.


Create bridges to meet challenges and barriers that students may face while completing their educational program.


Services to assist participants transitioning into college, vocational training, testing for certifications or licenses


Attract positive interactions that support professional growth and community engagement


All participants complete training programs to become successful individuals.


Available to all, be they attending high school classes or professional seminars.